2023-24 Coaches (Orangeville Minor Hockey)

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2023/2024 Coaches

We are pleased to announce the following head coaches selected for the 2023/2024 season.  Positions will continue to be updated as the selection process is completed.  We thank all our candidates for their interest in working with our OMH teams.

Teams Pending Interest September Posting May 2023 U7  MD1/MD2/Select  2017 
Steve Poland [email protected] U8 MD 2016
Nick Van Loon [email protected]  U9 MD1 2015
Pending Interest     U9  MD2  2015 
 Dwight Cameron [email protected] U10 AA 2014
 Ed Clarkson [email protected] U10 A 2014
 Steve Kenny [email protected] U11   AA  2013 
 Dave Gauer [email protected]  U11   A 2013 
Jamie Britt [email protected] 
U12 AA 2012
Gerard Willcott [email protected] U12 A 2012
 Justin De Abaitua [email protected]   U13 AA 2011
Phil Lankhof [email protected]  U13  A 2011 
 Mike Melo [email protected]  U14  AA  2010
 Scott Olson  [email protected]  U14 A  2010
 Pending Interest Pending Interest Following AA/A Tryouts U14 BB (non Contact) 2010
 Chris Proctor [email protected]  U15  AA  2009
Marc Hobor [email protected]  U15  A  2009
Jim Craven [email protected]  U16  AA  2008
Zeny Lipinski [email protected]   U16 A  2008
Mark Bracken [email protected]  U18  AA  2007/2006
Steve Wheeler [email protected]  U18 A  2007/2006
 U18 BB/B/C  2007/2006