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If you have completed this course in previous seasons you do not need to complete again.  If you have sibilings that you are registering for the first time you will need to add them to the Child Management section of the course or call 1-866-956-9791 for their HELP desk

Please read the following as it is important 

** If your child is 18 as of Dec 31 2020 of the current season ie. 2020 - 2021 season - the RIS-Parent Program does not need to be completed by the parent.  Only if you have children in the lower divisions as well. **

Initiated by Hockey Canada in the 2014 – 2015 hockey season, at least one parent or guardian per household for children registered in the Orangeville Minor Hockey system needed to complete the online RIS Parent Program as a condition of the child’s registration and participation in Orangeville Minor Hockey programs.  The course takes approximately an hour to complete.  The program costs $12.00 - Orangeville Minor Hockey does not benefit financially.  ** Please note that even if you have your Speakout/Respect in Sport already because you have been volunteering, it is NOT THE SAME.  You are still required to have at least one parent or guardian of each player complete the RIS Parent Program.



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Respect in Sport | Overview

Parent Program Elements

I am being asked the following questions

If you already hold the RIS or Speakout course because you have been helping out with a team or rostered to a team do you still need to take it.  
Sadly... YES.  It is a totally different course.  It is for you as a parent.
It will only ever be completed ONCE per household.
I have also been asked about the cost and that it is unfair for you as a parent to pay for another expense associated with you child/children playing hockey as it is already so expensive. 
We are following the direction of the Ontario Minor Hockey.  They control the implementation of the program.  We have over the last few years either put the price down in certain divisions or kept the price the same.  We know how expensive hockey is.  Sadly there is nothing we can do as an association. The cost is $12.00.  Our association does not see a penny of it.
Please remember this is a province wide implementation.  It is not just our centre.  
Parent Program Fee Breakdown

$ 1 goes to Hockey Canada for E-learning Fund Contribution and Administration of the program (HCR integration, etc.), 

$ 1 to the Branch/Member Partner for promotion of the program and administration, (NOT US)

$ 1 to Canadian Red Cross as Curriculum Partners,

$ 1 to PayPal/Invoicing Fees.

The remaining funds go to Respect Group for the maintenance of the program in both official 

languages, hosting, platform optimization, content updates (annually), 24 - 7 bilingual technical support, local user support and registrar training.