House League Director - Job Description (Orangeville Minor Hockey)

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JOB DESCRIPTION – House League Director 

The House League Director shall:

Act as the delegate for all OMH house league teams within your division; 

Coordinate with the administrator to know how many players are registered and individuals interested in coaching or participating on a bench;

Coordinate with the ice scheduler and administrator player grading dates and times and to coordinate coaches and on ice staff to assist with grading;

Communicate to families registered to play in your division via email or phone grading dates, time and location;

Assemble the teams within your division once grading is complete. You can assemble the teams based on grading or meet with your coaches to collectively put the teams together;

Consider requests from families wanting players to play with friends or to be on a team with a preferred coach. Player requests DO NOT have to be honoured and should be considered if it disrupts the balance within the division;  

Have the right to select coaches within your division with assistance and approval from the 2nd vice president house league, coaching certification, speak out and police check must be valid;

Have the authority to suspend any player or member of the coaching staff as deemed necessary. A meeting of the parties and the 2nd Vice President may be required and the OMHA manual of operations will be used to determine any suspension if needed;

Coordinate with the ice scheduler for the allocation of game times and practice times to the house league teams within your division and communicate the information to your teams;

Attend your league games as much as possible. Knowing work, family and other commitments may take you away. Ask other directors for assistance or the coaches within your division to cover you if you’re absent;

Directors can have an assistant to cover game days or other needs the director may have;

Keep a copy of all the games sheets for the ability to keep standings and assist when information may be required;

Attend monthly board meetings and special meetings if required;

Carry out other duties as assigned by the President or 2nd Vice President of OMH;