2023-24 Coaches (Orangeville Minor Hockey)

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2023/2024 Coaches

We are pleased to announce the following head coaches selected for the 2023/2024 season.  Positions will continue to be updated as the selection process is completed.  We thank all our candidates for their interest in working with our OMH teams.

Craig Ingham [email protected] U7  Select  2017 
Steve Poland [email protected] U8 MD 2016
Nick Van Loon [email protected]  U9 MD1 2015
 Dwight Cameron [email protected] U10 AA 2014
 Ed Clarkson [email protected] U10 A 2014
 Steve Kenny [email protected] U11   AA  2013 
 Dave Gauer [email protected]  U11   A 2013 
Josh Stott [email protected] U11  BB 2013/2014
Jamie Britt [email protected] 
U12 AA 2012
Gerard Willcott [email protected] U12 A 2012
 Justin De Abaitua [email protected]  U13 AA 2011
Phil Lankhof [email protected]  U13  A 2011 
Joel Brown  [email protected] U13 BB 2011/2012
 Mike Melo [email protected]  U14 AA  2010
 Scott Olson  [email protected]  U14 A    2010
 Chris Proctor [email protected]  U15  AA  2009
Marc Hobor [email protected]  U15  A  2009
Chris Warren  [email protected] U15
BB 2009/2010
Jim Craven [email protected]  U16  AA  2008
Zeny Lipinski [email protected]   U16 A  2008
Mark Bracken [email protected]  U18  AA  2007/2006
Steve Wheeler [email protected]  U18 A  2007/2006
Oded Orgil [email protected]  U18 C  2007/2006