Tryout List, U11 AA (2011 ATOM), U10-U11, 2021-2022, Comp (Orangeville Minor Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2021-2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List
Full Time Roster19954Selected
Released19955Released (Sep 23)
Released19956Released (Sep 26)
Released19957Released (Sep 23)
Released19958Released (Sep 23)
Full Time Roster19959Selected
Full Time Roster19960Selected
Released19961Released (Sep 24)
Released19962Released (Sep 23)
Released19963Released (Sep 23)
Full Time Roster19964Selected
Full Time Roster19965Selected
Released19966Released (Sep 23)
Released19967Released (Sep 26)
Released19968Released (Sep 23)
Released19969Released (Sep 26)
Full Time Roster19970Selected
Released19971Released (Sep 26)
Full Time Roster19972Selected
Full Time Roster19973Selected
Full Time Roster19974Selected
Released19975Released (Sep 23)
Released19976Released (Sep 23)
Released19977Released (Sep 26)
Full Time Roster19978Selected
Full Time Roster19979Selected
Released19980Released (Sep 23)
Full Time Roster19981Selected
Full Time Roster19982Selected
Released19983Released (Sep 23)
Released19984Released (Sep 23)
Full Time Roster19985Selected
Released19986Released (Sep 23)
Full Time Roster19987Selected
Released19988Released (Sep 23)
Released19989Released (Sep 23)
Full Time Roster19990Selected
Released20191Released (Sep 23)
Released20192Released (Sep 23)
Released20193Released (Sep 23)
Released20194Released (Sep 23)
Released20195Released (Sep 23)
Released20213Released (Sep 24)
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