Tryout List, U9 AA (2013 Novice), U8-U9, 2021-2022, Comp (Orangeville Minor Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2021-2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List
Full Time Roster19723Selected
Released19724Released (Sep 25)
Full Time Roster19725Selected
Released19726Released (Sep 25)
Released19727Released (Sep 25)
Released19728Released (Sep 25)
Released19729Released (Sep 25)
Released19730Released (Sep 24)
Full Time Roster19731Selected
Released19732Released (Sep 25)
Full Time Roster19733Selected
Full Time Roster19734Selected
Full Time Roster19735Selected
Released19736Released (Sep 25)
Full Time Roster19737Selected
Full Time Roster19738Selected
Released19739Released (Sep 24)
Full Time Roster19740Selected
Full Time Roster19741Selected
Full Time Roster19742Selected
Released19743Released (Sep 24)
Full Time Roster19744Selected
Full Time Roster19745Selected
Released19746Released (Sep 24)
Full Time Roster19747Selected
Released19748Released (Sep 24)
Released19749Released (Sep 24)
Full Time Roster19750Selected
Released19751Released (Sep 24)
Full Time Roster19752Selected
Released19753Released (Sep 24)
Released19754Released (Sep 24)
Full Time Roster20212Selected
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