Tryout List, U13 A, U12-U13, 2023-2024, Comp (Orangeville Minor Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List
Full Time Roster23628Selected
Full Time Roster23629Selected
Released23630Released (May 10)
Full Time Roster23631Selected
Released23633Released (May 15)
Full Time Roster23634Selected
Full Time Roster23635Selected
Full Time Roster23636Selected
Released23637Released (May 12)
Full Time Roster23638Selected
Released23639Released (May 15)
Released23640Released (May 10)
Released23641Released (May 12)
Released23642Released (May 13)
Full Time Roster23643Selected
Released23644Released (May 10)
Released23645Released (May 15)
Released23646Released (May 15)
Released23647Released (May 10)
Full Time Roster23648Selected
Released23649Released (May 13)
Released23650Released (May 15)
Full Time Roster23730Selected
Full Time Roster23732Selected
Full Time Roster23733Selected
Full Time Roster23734Selected
Full Time Roster23785Selected
Full Time Roster23786Selected
Full Time Roster23787Selected
Full Time Roster23788Selected
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