Tryout List, U18 A, U16-U18, 2023-2024, Comp (Orangeville Minor Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List
Released23677Released (May 15)
Released23678Released (May 15)
Full Time Roster23679Selected
Released23680Released (May 15)
Full Time Roster23681Selected
Released23682Released (May 10)
Released23683Released (May 10)
Released23684Released (May 15)
Released23685Released (May 15)
Released23686Released (May 10)
Released23687Released (May 15)
Released23688Released (May 10)
Full Time Roster23689Selected
Released23690Released (May 15)
Full Time Roster23691Selected
Released23692Released (May 15)
Released23693Released (May 10)
Released23694Released (May 15)
Released23695Released (May 15)
Full Time Roster23696Selected
Full Time Roster23697Selected
Released23698Released (May 15)
Released23699Released (May 10)
Released23700Released (May 10)
Released23702Released (May 16)
Full Time Roster23703Selected
Full Time Roster23808Selected
Full Time Roster23809Selected
Full Time Roster23810Selected
Full Time Roster23811Selected
Full Time Roster23812Selected
Full Time Roster23813Selected
Full Time Roster23814Selected
Full Time Roster23816Selected
Full Time Roster23817Selected
Full Time Roster23818Selected
Full Time Roster23819Selected
Released23831Released (May 10)
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